STII implements its mandates through two major programs:

A.   Operation of Science and Technology for Information Services

Activities under this program are consistent with STII’s first organizational mandate. These include:

•   Library operations covering multimedia materials acquisitions, cataloging and classification

•   Literature search, reference, and referral services

  • Current awareness services
  • Document delivery services

•   Documentation

•   Training and consultancy on IT, S&T information handling, processing and services

•   IT support

B.   Implementation of Science and Technology Promotion and Advocacy Program

Activities under this program are:

•   Information gathering, processing packaging, and dissemination to different media such as print, broadcast, radio, TV and new media

•   Production of in-house S&T publications

•   Drafting and editing of speeches, messages, and DOST documents

•   Production of media guides, posters, and customized promotional materials

•   Development of audio-visual packages

•   Media relations and related networking activities

•   Regional information extension services

•   Events Management Services

STII also administers and acts as secretariat to the DOST Science and Technology Information Network of the Philippines (ScINET-PHIL), the consortium of libraries and information units of the DOST System including its regional offices.