STII maintains and continuously upgrades its facilities and equipment that include:

  • ScINET Data Center equipped with the appropriate equipment and software applications
  • Library containing 20,000+ titles of multimedia S&T materials (books, serials, theses, non-prints, investigatory projects, R&D technical reports, etc.)
  • 80-seater Mini theater
  • ICT equipment such as LCD projectors, digital cameras, digitization equipment, scanners, fax machines, telephones, VoIP, word processors, and Internet connectivity, among others.
  • AV equipment and/or video editing machines

As the information arm of DOST, STII comes out with 16 regular publications and other promotional materials in print and electronic formats. It also maintains the following databases:

  • Online DOST Union Catalog. This contains the library and information holdings of the DOST-ScINET Phil and the regional offices accessible through and
  • Scientist’s directory. Contains the bio-bibliographical profiles of scientists in the Philippines including their published works, awards, and researches, among others
  • S&T Institutions. Contains the profiles of S&T institutions in the country
  • Filipiniana. Contains analytics of Philippine S&T publications, including theses and dissertations, papers in proceedings
  • Foreign Analytics. Contains analytics of foreign S&T publications
  • A web service facility on Philippine S&T databases with 9 content partner institutions and 4 networks, respectively involving 29 databses.
  • S&T Laws. Contains fullt-text of S&T laws in tha Philippines
  • S&T Thesaurus. Contains the subject headings, keywords, assigned to multimedia S&T materials in the DOST Union Catalog
  • Tekno Videos. Contains bibliographies of STII produced techno videos.