After almost nine months of delivering the most comprehensive, real-time weather and science updates to its viewers, DOSTv is now up and ready to offer a better and broader science programming for the Filipino people.

The Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) official channel, DOSTv, is set to have its grand launching on February 27, 2017, during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of its main producer, the Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII).

Generation Xers will have to stow their library cards and Millennials will soon go beyond online access as the Department of Science and Technology gears up to give an enhanced experience to library researchers within the year.

This levelling up of library experience will start at the DOST- Science and Technology Information Institute  (STII) which holds the largest collection of S&T information materials in the country.

People outside the science community may understand and appreciate research and development projects better if told in language understood by most. Common, familiar language bridges the gap between science and the public.