The Science and Technology Information Institute has the responsibility to implement the following mandates:

1. To establish a science and technology databank and library.

2. To disseminate science and technology information.

3. To undertake training on science and technology information.

These mandates are being processed and implemented by the STII’s technical divisions such as, the Information Resources and Analysis Division (IRAD), and the Communication Resources and Production Division (CRPD) with the support of the Finance and Administrative Division (FAD).



   STII’s philosophy is rooted on its development mission to achieve and maintain S&T informationexcellence and deliver effective and efficient service in an environment where information at the moment of value is key to competitiveness.

   STII promotes the widespread use of and appreciation for S&T information. Through its continuing resource sharing activities, S&T popularization services, and IT-based solutions, STII makes S&T information more accessible and valuable to all Filipinos.

   The STII believes that people are an organization’s most important resource, and maintains a policy to employ and train communication and information professionals who are competent in achieving organizational mandates.