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S&T Post is the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) quarterly publication. Produced by its information arm, the Science and Technology Information Institute, S&T Post contains news and feature articles on DOST’s various programs and how these have benefited Mang Juan and Aling Maria in their daily lives. In particular, the magazine tackles how DOST initiatives have created an impact in  agriculture,  enterprise, industry, IT-BPM, health, education and disaster preparedness. It also contains a foreign news, movie review, and book review sections. The movie and book review pages are open to contributions by anybody including students.
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S&T Digests
Is a monthly DOST-STII publication in English. It provides condensed, easy to read science and technology news stories, which caters to college students and professionals on the go. It contains the most recent technologies and happenings in the local S&T community with compelling photos and images on a full color four-page newsletter.
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Philippine Men & Women of Science
The Philippine Men and Women of Science (formerly Philippine Men of Science) is an online publication of the Science and Technology Information Institute (STII).This publication continues to give recognition to the efforts of our dedicated scientists and researchers in their respective fields since it was first published in 1964. We maintain a careful collection of biobibliographical information on Filipino scientists, researchers, and experts and their scientific contributions.

Balitang RapiDOST
Is the first monthly DOST-STII publication that is written in the Filipino language. It provides a condensed and easy to read science news stories, technology section, science experiments, and photo news for high school and local media outfits. Balitang RapiDOST can be published in the vernacular.
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Philippine Science & Technology Abstracts
The Philippine S&T Abstract is a semi-annual publication of the Science and Technology Information Institute (STII), which features abstracts culled from different local S&T published researches.



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