Someday, each Department of Science and Technology (DOST) agency will have an information kiosk containing information on all basic DOST services. At the same time, an online one-stop portal will be available where services offered by all DOST agencies will be searchable.  Plus, guidebooks, directories, brochures, and maps will be available as well.
With all these tools, DOST information officers and the rest of the workforce will be more responsive and accurate when responding to inquiries about DOST services  whether or not the inquiry is about their own agency’s products and services.

The quick response is expected to lead to a higher level of client satisfaction and trust for DOST.

The Philippines is only 1 percent sufficient in milk. This means 99 percent of dairy products being consumed in the country are imported.

Cattle provides 64 percent of the total local milk volume while buffalos  contribute only 34 percent. One of the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) major programs is its milk feeding program.

Zamboanga City – ZamPen native chicken is a lifeline not just to farmers and micro entrepreneurs of the Zamboanga Peninsula but also to San Ramon Penal colony inmates who anticipate productive reintegration after serving prison terms.